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Surbiton Fencing

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Closeboard Fencing

closeboard fencing

This is the most traditional of fences ,with variable height options. It is strong and robust and is suitable for most sites . Highly recommended fence for low maintenance once erected. Erected on concrete or timber posts.

Panel Fencing

panel fencing

Seen as a marginally lower cost option to closeboard fencing with variable height options. Erected on timber or concrete posts.

Palisade Fencing

palisade fencing

Traditional design that looks good in most gardens; particularly at lower heights.

Security Palisade Fencing

security palisade fencing

A strong and effective fence used in most commercial and industrial situations.

Chainlink Fencing

chainlink fencing

A fence used to mark boundaries ,where plants can grow through and vision through is required.



A popular choice to increase the overall height of fencing - decorative and effective screening.



We are able to supply gates to any measurement required and have a wide variety of gate styles available .

Other types of fencing

other fencing

Post and rail , cleft chestnut , willow screen , wattling hurdle, weldmesh , hording…..